Saturday, April 14, 2012

Progress Report

It's been a little bit longer than a week since the last Viral update. I've been out of home for a school break, two weeks actually, but I'm back now. Now I'll focus on the game development since I have all the stuff I need again. Well.... Maybe this monday ;3

But I managed to make some of the 3D models of the game.
Thanks of the learning trip I made a while ago, the 3D modeling by coding script is completely understandable by me! Well, definitely I don't know everything about it, but I do understand what I'm doing and I can make more 3D structures by myself. That's good.

My followers from Twitter who actually pay attention to my tweets, might already seen these pics. But such people doesn't exist, so I'm just going to show you the pictures of the house modeling report:

At first, it was a total nightmare. I couldn't understand anything.

I couldn't get a simple door right. It was horrible.
But after a couple checks in the script everything seemed so obvious, it was just a thing of logic.

I just needed to align it to a relative 3D axis.

But the door looked weird... Snap!
We didn't use our pixelated proportions.
It was supposed to be a 16x32 sprite, not 32x64 like the image above.

Matey Dennot had to make the door again.
But this time he made it more door-like.
I'm sorry. It was my fault.

Okay, so, door done.
What else does a house made a 4 year old kid have?

We based the model on a french-stereotyped brick house.
I think it looks neat for now.

Now it would be time to give that faceless character a face.
I told my artist, Dennot, that I would deal with the character art, but...

I made the face model on flash.
Now it needed to be pixelated.

So, uhm....


I just feel like I turned poop into shit -__-
But the character needs a face.
We'll modify it later, but in the meantime we'll base the texture on this.
I made the other sides of the head and this is how it looks now:

Then I realized that the house's bricks looked too bright.

So Dennot made a chocolate brick texture!

No, actually he fixed it.
It looks better now.
I made the textures of the other parts of the body.
They suck. But meh...

That would be all, game progress should continue this monday, and if it doesn't. You can slap me in the face.

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