Since I was a little kid, I loved to watch T.V. shows for countless hours. At that age, I liked to draw monsters and animals and sometimes I made up stories about them and drew comics.

Then I got my first game console, the Nintendo 64. It was joyfully gripping, and yet, amazing. It was a cartoon, in 3D that I was able to control with my own fingers. At first, it felt like magic.

The time passed, and around the time when I got 8, I got hungry for making my own games.

I asked my parents if I would someday be able to make my own games, they said that I would need wait until I get 30 years old. I didn't want to wait that long! I really wanted to make it happen! So I plugged my ethernet cable to my big boxy computer and started searching on Google: "How to make your own game", a lot of results were very expensive programs that required lots of confusing sequences of words in order to program, but then a neat white website showed up called YoYoGames, it was announcing a tool called Game Maker that everyone could use for free. Without thinking twice, I downloaded it and installed it.

Soon, I began to wander around the options, it was so easy to use. I made really small games until I got 9. I started working on a platformer with a story that I hopefully finished at when I got 10.

By that time, every single thing I made became serious.

The time has passed. Thanks to the Internet and it's community of friendly people, I've been getting better. Better programmer, better cartoonist, better using the programs I love and use. Of course, it needed a lot of practice, and yet, I know that I'm not perfect, there's still a whole world of learning for me.

I even won two consecutive years in animation competitions in my state, but let's be honest, Mexico is not really recognized for being good with electronics, specially my state.

All I know about programming, is thanks to the Internet. All I know about Flash, is thanks to the Internet. All I know about the things I really do well is thanks to the Internet.

No one else showed me how to get the work done, no one around me knew how. So I would like to say thanks to that anonymous teacher that knows everything, because thanks to him, I'm one step closer to grant the wish of the young me.


  1. Great story! Keep going - you can do it (if I can do it, you can!).. I am self-taught and yet I managed to run a whole division of a mid-sized games company for 5+ years working on projects for Sony, Microsoft and more.. ANYONE can do this if they have the commitment and passion for it. Just keep making games and have fun doing it then the knowledge will come with it :)

    1. Thanks man. I'm trying hard.
      It won't be easy, but somehow I'll make it happen.

  2. I can see now :)
    Probably, Nintendo 64 is reason why you started mix your drawings with game development?