Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Too Many Zeros!

Woah, it's been a while. Almost two weeks as I can recall. I feel really bad, the development was slowed a bit. I'm a student, and I've been between exams for a time, that's the reason. I am free now, so I worked and I could add a small feature and fix a bug.

I was talking with my lil' ol' matey G-or-G  the other day and the conversation was like:
-Hey! I finally uploaded the Viral version cero dot cero dot cero dot two to IndieDB!
-The version version cero dot cero dot cero dot two? 
-Yes, the version cero dot cero dot cero dot two. 
-That´s neat! 
-It is, we're just waiting for the moderator to approve the post. 
-But what's the difference between the version cero dot cero dot cero dot two and the version cero dot cero dot cero dot one? 
-Well, the version cero dot cero dot cero dot two adds a health bar, a gun, more zombies and a bug fix; something that the version cero dot cero dot cero dot one didn't have. 
-So the version cero dot cero dot cero dot two is more like... Playable?
-It is, and we'll jump into the version cero dot cero dot cero dot three after these exams end. 
-I think you should call them with something else, I mean, there are just too many zeros!

 It was a little bit awkward, but I think that changing it will be easier to say. So I changed the previous versions from and to Pre-Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha 2.
Well, this is not basically a change from the game itself, but it's pretty important.
I added a small feature that will be useful for the ones who play online: Hotkey Emoticons

I made myself three animated emoticons that can be used with the Keypad digits 1, 2 and 3.

These were made to be used instead of typing "lol" or ":D" on the text log in the game.

More of these will be added in future updates. And a mate that tests Viral told me that he doesn't have a Keypad, and that we should use the Function Keys as an alternative. I'm really considering this, but we may use the Function Keys for... You know... Functions. Such as toggle FPS or show X & Y position and stuff like that. We will find an alternative for you Keypad-disabled gamers! We will! Vote for me as president! I fixed a bug which was just a small... Well, kind of big problem. In some ocasions stones or poop would spawn inside houses making them look really bad.

I'm glad to say that I fixed that but I'm not 100% it's perfect, if you happen to get this problem, give me a shout. 

That's pretty much the updates this time, after all these exams this is what I could make in a single day. And Dennot made a couple sprites but those will have to wait until Pre-Alpha 4.

I've been thinking since the very beginning of this game's development that we might be doing the graphics wrong. It's not that Dennot is doing it wrong, he does an amazing work. But not the most of the gamers are pixel lovers and the helicopter view of the character and zombies look weird, I mean, you can't even see their torso! So, tell me if we should change it, we don't have THAT much of sprites, if we have to start over with the sprites we will, it won't be a total loss if we decide this now. But help us to decide, please, for this game's future.

You can vote HERE and HERE. Your vote is really important for us!

But anyways.....


Yes, this is what we've got so far in single day. And it's not over yet. As I said before, we want you to test what we've got, and tell us your oppinion and your ideas. We already got the...

VIRAL Pre-Alpha 3


Viral: Pre-Alpha 3

for PC download.
Go for it, Silly Putty!

New Stuff:
  • Hotkey Emoticons
Bug Fixes:
  • Bug that created instances above house structures.

Not much, really. I've been busy for a while. Please report any bug you find.

I can say that the next update will be really good, we may take a bit of time, it will improve the game a lot. We will add zombie differences like: small zombies, big zombies, burning zombies, explosive zombies, poison spitting zombies and a really big one that you may call a boss.

So, I think this is it. Thanks for reading the post I wrote. And thanks for the ones who played, commented or followed the game; we appreciate it a lot. Oh, about the forum, we won't open it until we reach version Alpha.

If you have any questions, don't forget to ask. I'll literally answer all of your questions. Remember, we're building a game based on your opinnion, together. Thanks.

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